Our job : Affineur

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Maturing cannot be understood without a good knowledge of cheese, the cheese is the result of two transformations. 

First the curd milk and then the curd cheese. This second processing is called ripening.  
Refining will allow us to develop texture, aromas, tastes, and crusts. Without ripening, the characteristics and characteristics of each cheese cannot be revealed

For my part I will define refining in this way: The Affinage is the result of a complex alchemy between an atmosphere, a place and time. Water, air and temperature play a decisive role. When you refine, you raise the cheese, you lead it to its second life.


The treatments are delicate and varied according to the families and the terroir. The elements wood, straw, stone and earth, are our friends, they help us to maintain and fix the atmosphere of our cellars. This world of life holds its balance only on a thread, our attention must be of every moment.

Refining is first and foremost feeling, some may have knowledge but if they have not felt it then refining will not be brilliant.

I think I’m summarizing what a refiner should be and refining by these few lines

Affinage is about time, so it needs expertise

Affinage is cares, so it needs generosity

Affinage is about the look, so it needs precision

Affinage is about the taste, so it needs curiosity

Affinage, is about maturity, so it needs learning

Affinage, is about living, so it needs emotion

"Let's not forget the basics : without producers and peasants, there is no country and no products""


Our job : Affineur



Not aged

1 week

1/2 aged

2 weeks

3/4 aged

3 weeks

Aged perfectly

4 weeks



Aged 10 days

Aged 1 month

Aged 3 months

Aged 6 months

Sainte Maure de la Drageonnière


Aged 3 months

Aged 3 months

Aged 3 months

Sainte Maure de la Drageonnière


Aged 3 months

Aged 3 months

Aged 3 months

Aged 3 months